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Exterior Flooring

The exterior floor of any structure requires a permanent floor in order to provide an attractive floor finish, sound proof, less vibrant, drag resistant and slippery-less walkable surface.  The choice of a suitable flooring depends on its sound insulation, life cycle cost, comfort level, toughness, and maintenance, etc.  Nowadays, the trend of exterior flooring is cornered on sustainable materials having distinct properties to enhance the following factors to a great extent.

Identification of exterior floor materials

The three flooring materials which are having potential properties are identified and they are discussed below:


Concrete floori1ng material

It has become the best material of choice for designers and home users across the world. These floors in stained, colored, painted, and personalized glory is growing up in retail stores, trendy restaurants, offices, and homes everywhere and the
perspective view is shown.


Lamin2ated plywood flooring material

Laminated plywood is found to be a good source for exterior flooring.  It is made of wood which is shown.  Attractive, non-slippery, durable, stronger and reuse are their
distinct properties.


Stone and slate flooring material

Stone floorings are beautiful, evocative and natural. They offer something no other flooring can i.e. history. Architects and designers since the beginning of civilization have used natural stone for their most important works.  The perspective view of stone flooring is shown.


Comparison of distinct properties of exterior flooring materials

The distinct properties of the exterior flooring materials which are globally utilized are compared and it is represented in Table 1.

Table 1: Comparison of distinct properties of exterior floor materials

Sl. No. Properties Concrete flooring material Laminated plywood flooring material Stone and slate flooring material
1 Abrasive resistance Less resistant to abrasion Proper mix design can lead to good abrasive resistance Abrasive resistance varies from others
2 Durability Not as durable as other two, but durability can be increased, but the cost to it is very high Proper design and placing of concrete can increase the durability of concrete, but it is cost and skill intensive Proper installation choice of stone makes the flooring very durable
3 Thermal insulation Thermal conductivity = 0.14 W/m-K  (lesser the value, more is the insulation) Thermal conductivity

= 1.13 W/m-K

Thermal conductivity = 1.3 to 2.0 W/m-K
4 Moisture,oil and chemical resistance It is not very resistant to moisture, oil and other chemicals For general office and household use, It can be said as resistant to Moisture etc. Depends on the type of the stone. Most of the stones used for flooring are stain resistant
5 Aesthetics Easy to make it aesthetically appealing Not so easy to make it aesthetically appealing Proper choice of stones and alignment gives natural aesthetics to the flooring
6 Sweeping or dust mopping Sweeping is easy. But it is difficult to remove stains It depends on the type of finishing of the concrete floor Cleaning is easy
7 Maintenance and repair Requires huge maintenance Proper construction methods will not demand huge maintenance Maintenance is less, but repairing is difficult after the design life

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