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HouseKeeping – leave it Better then you Found it !

Good housekeeping is essential in maintaining a safe place of work and is the responsibility of every employee. Accordingly, good housekeeping must be practiced as conditions warrant, not just at the end of the workday.

Effective housekeeping can eliminate some workplace hazards and help get a job done safely and properly. Poor housekeeping can frequently contribute to accidents by hiding hazards that cause injuries.

Ensure that your work area is kept clear of debris, unused materials, and equipment. Always dispose of waste and scrap in the prescribed manner & return unused materials to their designated storage areas and keep barricades erected. Keep flammable and explosive materials in proper containers with contents clearly marked.

Food waste and containers must be disposed of correctly. Eating of meals must take place in designated areas only, not in the construction areas. Always keep access route clear and ensure that access to emergency equipment is not obstructed. All material shall be stored in tiers, stacked, blocked or otherwise secured to prevent slips or falls. Keep stairways, passageways, ladders, scaffold and gangways free of material, supplies and obstructions.

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