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Tips on Hiring a Contractor

Choosing a contractor to build your home/commercial building is a very important decision. Most people aren’t really sure what to look for, and most of the time they end up choosing the first one they meet since they have no idea what to look for in a contractor.
Before looking for a contractor, first off all do your homework to understand the scope of work, quality requirement and hindrances involved. Try to study and get all possible information required to be taken care during negotiation and finalization of the contract.
When you are looking for contractors, do not just speak with one. Do some detailed research to locate a few contractors in your area and check with them to meet you for discussion. You can do a short of vendor pre-qualification to shortlist competence contractor based on their technical capabilities, past experience, Tools & machinery, financial stability & capacity to mobilize.

Below are a few points that will help you identify a good contractor.

Knowledge and Experience

When you meet with a potential contractor, ask them how long they have been in business. Also, find out how many projects they have completed and what type of projects they specialize in. If they have adequate experience, they should be able to help you understand every aspect of your project and even give you some advice on how you should proceed.
On technical discussion, you may put practical problem and ask them for the optimum solution to judging their understanding of work to be assigned.


References are very important while hiring any service provider. Ask the contractor for references of recently completed jobs. If possible, go and have a look at the building the company constructed. If it has been built well and with good workmanship and materials then the contractor might be a good match for you. If you see that completed work is not in good condition and was built recently, it is a warning sign to stay away.

L1 is not always the best choice

Contact, at least, three to four contractors and take a quotation from them. Compare their price, work quality and completion time. If you are hiring a contractor who has lowest price for construction work, check his work quality. A contractor having lowest price may use a low-quality material, unskilled labor or may cause a delay in work. The agreed rate workout must be workable to complete the job. It’s usually happened that sometimes for getting an order, contractor quote lesser rate which ultimately leads to poor quality of work and cause a delay in work.

Avoid verbal agreement- Get everything in writing

The contract document mcivil contractorust be well defined and written in detailed about the responsibilities and liabilities to be shared between the parties. Techno- commercial terms and condition covers detailed specifications, work schedule and payment schedule, code and standard to be followed, Taxes and duties applicable, safety rule and regulation etc. Make sure that a written contract should be signed by the contractor.

Once you have picked a suitable construction firm to ensure that they start work on time and deliver on the stipulated time. One important thing that you must ask them is if they have insurance.

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