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Water Leak in Your Bathroom?? Detect it Now before it’s cost you more

How many of you are facing difficult times due to several leaks in your bathroom?

Left unattended, a water leak can cause major damage that will leave you with not only the hassle of cleanup but also the cost of repairs and leads to serious water damage to walls, flooring, and paint.
Look for these signs to check whether you need to hire a plumber to fix those leaking pipes or plumbing fixtures before its cost you more damage.

Mildew or Fungus spots on the wall

MildewOne of the clearest signs of a water leak in your bathroom is mold. Although occasional mildew in the shower is nothing to worry about, persistent mold growth on your walls and ceilings despite cleaning suggests a moisture problem.
A leaking pipe provides plenty of moisture, so the longer it takes you to detect and fix the leak, the easier and faster mold will grow.

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Damaged paint

A wall with blistering paint is another sign of bathroom leaks.
In most cases, water and moisture get between the wall and paint, they eliminate the bond and begin to separate the two, causing the paint to rise from the wall and fall off in pieces.

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Water stains on the ceiling

If you have a bathroom on a second floor, you might spot a leak in the ceiling under bathroom. Check the patch of ceiling in the room directly beneath the bathroom for stains and signs of water damage. However, because water can travel a long distance, it’s possible to find water stains on the ceiling farther away.
An occasional wet floor in a second-story bathroom won’t cause enough seepage to damage anything underneath it. Any brown or dark stain on the ceiling is a sign of a pernicious water leak in the ceiling. A sagging ceiling is a sign that water from a leak is reaching the area.

Smell from accumulated water

A musty or earthy odor that hangs around even after cleaning is another sign of leakage.
If you think you have a bathroom leak, check for a highly rated plumber.

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